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My name is Karen Ashram and I’d like to thank you for visiting me here, where I hope you’ll be rewarded with useful information and tools you can use to accomplish your own self-publishing objectives.

The sole purpose of Easy to Print Publishing and this website is to share information with you and others about the essential basic steps I took in the self-publishing process. In the course of this sharing, the tools discussed are intended to help guide you as a first-time self-publishing author, and therefore they are specifically drawn from my personal experience as the author of a children’s fiction book.

For first time self publishers it’s also important to stress at the outset that there’s no single action plan to achieve a specific, desired outcome. Each author’s written work is the result of unique creative processes and widely divergent personal experiences, so in reading through what you find here be advised, to take and use only what’s useful to you and your own unique project. Don’t worry. Whatever you leave on the table here will in some way, directly or indirectly, will be of help to you and others.

Thanks again for visiting, and best of luck to you in your self publishing journey!

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