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My name is Karen Ashram. Although I live in the United States, I was born in Israel. I grew up on a moshav (a cooperative living settlement for smallholders) in the central region of Israel.

The big yard around our house included a variety of different trees and herbs. These wide, open spaces gave me a unique perspective and way of life in which nature was the center of my everyday life. My family grew flowers for export to Holland, as well as oranges.

Naturally, we always had different kinds of pets to feed and care for. Growing up in this type of environment, I was ingrained with a deep passion for nature and a yearning to care for animals.

I went on to earn a B.Sc. in Marine Science & Oceanic Environment from the School of Marine Science and Marine Environment in Michmoret, Israel. I also hold teacher certification in Biology and Chemistry for 7th to 10th grades.

In my professional work, I have had a variety of experiences ranging from instructor/ guide for group tours of agricultural environments, to organizing and directing youth activities in applied science. In nurturing my love for children and the sea, I have also been involved in teaching oceanic environment programs in elementary schools bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

I founded Easy to Print Publishing to serve as a vehicle for my first work, “Seasons and Colors,” which is a book for children ages 3-5 years old.

I enjoy all that’s involved in the creative process, and I have especially enjoyed learning about the self-publishing process.

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My Books

My books will be a joyful learning experience for your child with a greater appreciation of nature.

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